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Surveillance and Shadowing

Shadowing and Surveillance Implies keeping under watch an individual, a place or an object with the intent of developing real time information on it. This may be static or mobile.
Shadowing and Surveillance can only be undertaken by government agencies i.e. police, customs & central excise, defense and paramilitary forces etc. Private Investigating agencies however indulge in it and would not be transgressing the limits of law so long as the person, who is kept under watch i.e. the subject, is not conscious that he is being watched. Surveillance is undertaken by deploying teams of trained investigators, with proper communication equipments.

Our team specializes in the following:
  • Parents, to monitor erring wards
  • Spouses, who suspect their partner of misconduct
  • Employers on employees who may be acting against the interest of the organization
  • Rival business organizations to gather business intelligence.

A Static surveillance is undertaken on a premise to ascertain activities taking place there or on an object to prevent its loss or damage.
You can be rest assured of a professional approach to the task assigned, as would be indicated by a detailed report rendered at the end of the assignment. Where feasible photographic evidence would also be made available.