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Pre Matrimonial Alliance Enquiry

Most matrimonial alliances currently entered into are as a consequence of advertisements in the media. It is imperative that the parents of the prospective bridegroom or bride take adequate safe guards prior to the engagement and eventually wedding. It is no secret that all relevant information on the prospective groom or bride invariably is garnered from friends, well-wishers and relatives. As such an element of vested interests is likely to influence any decisions arrived in this regard.

It is therefore vital in such matters to obtain an unbiased, objective and dispassionate opinion by employing an agency to conduct an impartial and confidential verification to arrive at a fair decision. This is essential particularly in our context as we are still traditional and conservative in our views and the matrimony is a lasting bond between two individuals. Private agencies undertake such verifications. Our agency accords importance and seriousness it deserves and conducts verifications on prospective brides or grooms by contacting the neighbors, friends, well-wishers, employers, colleagues etc. In this process we verify the antecedents by dwelling into the social habits, attitudes, personality, financial status, of not only the would be groom or bride, but on the family in general. A verification of this nature is conducted far a period spread over 5 to 7 days and it may not be practicable to find answers to all issues such as love affairs, past history etc. However the verification would certainly aid in arriving at a suitable decision, as the information provided would be nearly factual and discreet.