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Pre Employment Verification

That HR is a specialized function is now a recognized issue. There is no gainsaying that the selection of manpower to suit various requirements of an organization is a methodical and deliberate process. It also cannot be denied that the basis of gathering information on the candidate is by a CV, written tests and interviews. In addition the references provided by the candidate add value to the process.

As may well be appreciated the candidates credibility, trustworthiness and criminal past if any, can never be truly assessed in the conventional selection process. This particularly is true when selections to key appointments are undertaken. A due diligence verification is an objective assessment of the candidate which is critical for his selection. Such verifications are undertaken in a covert and most objective and dispassionate manner. It is thus advisable to resort to a due diligence verification before a formal appointment letter is issued.

A due diligence verification aims to ascertain the true personality of an individual, his past professional achievements, his past conduct, social attitudes, financial status, political leanings, criminal involvement and family background in general.