About IspyInvestigation

In 2000, a group of amateur detectives decided to combine their vast knowledge and experience. The result- I-Spy Investigation & Security Services, started as a platform for detectives desirous of honing their skills in the fields of surveillance and detection.

I-Spy team consists of investigators who have come from a variety of backgrounds. All investigators undergo a professional training program, which would assist them on the field. Whatever your needs be, we would provide a tailor made solution keeping in mind your requirements. And we would also like to assure you of our confidentiality regarding your concern and also your identity. Our investigations are thorough, diligent and comprehensive. We provide reliable information on a timely and cost effective basis.


With the increasing demands made on the police force, and rising crime, the common man today relies more and more on private detective agencies for protection. These detective agencies use sophisticated techniques and trained professionals to assist the common man.

The work of a detective begins after you (the client) bring your case to us. Subsequently a case is registered (akin to an FIR by the police) and all details are recorded in a confidential file. Then, the detective in charge prepares a blueprint for the mode of investigation. A team of investigators is assigned to various tasks to implement the plan. Each investigator normally handles only a part of the entire case and reports to the detective in charge. They work on the case keeping the parameters you set, which may include:

  •  The information you wish to obtain
  •  Financial limits
  •  Time frame within which you would like to see your work completed.

The actual work of investigation involves the use of sophisticated techniques such as trailing, interviewing, fingerprinting, photographing or even videotaping the movements of a person. After the required information is collected, the team then presents the facts of the case. After the client is satisfied with the results, the case is then closed.

Our team specializes in the following:

  • Surveillance and shadowing, Video & Photo surveillance
  • Pre & Post employment verification
  • Pre & Post Matrimonial Alliance Enquiry
  • Divorce related enquiries
  • Gainful Employment Verification
  • Intellectual Property Issues
  • Undercover Operations
  • Verification of Assets, Verification of Real Estate
  • Handwriting, Fingerprint and Document Examination
  • Insurance related frauds
  • Business Competitorís Intelligence
  • Tracing of debtors and judgment debtors
  • Credit worthiness Verification
  • Anonymous and Pseudonymous complaints
  • Miscellaneous Services: Theft, Fraud, and Misappropriation etc.