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Persnol Investigation
Most matrimonial alliances currently entered into are as a consequence of advertisements in the media. It is imperative that the parents of the prospective bridegroom or bride take adequate safe guards prior to the engagement and eventually wedding. It is no secret that all relevant information on the prospective groom or bride invariably is garnered from friends, well-wishers and relatives. As such an element of vested interests is likely to influence any decisions arrived in this regard.
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Corporate Investigation
That HR is a specialized function is now a recognized issue. There is no gainsaying that the selection of manpower to suit various requirements of an organization is a methodical and deliberate process. It also cannot be denied that the basis of gathering information on the candidate is by a CV, written tests and interviews. In addition the references provided by the candidate add value to the process.
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Industrial Investigation
Business organizations and institutions spend enormous amounts of funds in research, marketing and building a brand name for their products. They thus acquire a distinct trade name, brand, patent and or copyright. Unscrupulous elements blatantly violate such patents, copyrights or brand / trade names, to get rich overnight. We have the requisite expertise to identify such violators and assist in a manner to initiate legal action against the offenders.
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